Ex-Tariff with RSA LOG: Efficient Cost Reduction in Imports

Maximizing Ex-Tariffs Advantages

The ex-tariff, a special regime implemented by the federal government, is a strategic tool to encourage the importation of capital goods, such as machinery and equipment, which do not have equivalent domestic production. RSA LOG specializes in guiding your company through this regime, maximizing tax benefits and contributing to the modernization of your industry.

Significant reduction in import Duty

The central advantage of the ex-tariff is the reduction in the import duty rate for a specified period. This translates into a substantial reduction in import costs, encouraging investment in advanced technology and, consequently, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the national industry.


Agile and Efficient Navigation Through the Application Process

To benefit from this regime, it’s necessary to submit an application to the Foreign Trade Secretariat (SECEX) of the Ministry of Economy. This process involves presenting details about the product and justifying the need to import it. With RSA LOG, such process becomes more agile and efficient. Our in-depth knowledge of SECEX procedures and requirements allows us to meet all deadlines and ensure the most advantageous tax framework for your company.

RSA LOG: Your Ally in Import Tax Optimization

We understand that obtaining an ex-tariff is not automatic and requires careful analysis. That’s why we offer complete support throughout the entire process, from preparing the application to approval. If your company seeks to explore the opportunities offered by this special customs regime, RSA LOG is ready to help you every step of the way.